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Toronto, Where Do You Want To Breathe Easy?

You deserve to know the safety of the air in spaces where you work, shop, learn and play, so that you and your loved ones stay healthy.

Now the power is in your hands. Simply pick locations and share them to vote, we do the rest. You can vote as often as you like, each week we draw to win $250 to spend at participating businesses.


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Breathe Easy Referral

About BreatheEasyVote

It's clear Toronto cares about the air we share.

BreatheEasyVote invites all Torontonians to ask businesses in their community to test and share the safety of their indoor air, so the public can use their favourite spaces with confidence. This means measuring how well ventilation is working to clear airborne viruses, which is the effective Air Change Rate (eACH) of a space.

Each vote that you share publicly counts as an entry into BreatheEasyVote's Weekly Prize Draw that can be spent at locations who share their scores. Testing for businesses is free. You can vote for as many locations as you like, as often as you like.